Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving it up.

In an attempt to journal this journey, I decided I would just blog about it. Maybe it will help someone else....

Today is the day I chose to give up Gluten for good. 

I have had an autoimmune thyroid disease *Hashimotos* for at least 5 years now and it wasn't till this week during my research that I finally understood how this protein truly makes the pain in my ass tushy antibodies attack my thyroid gland!! true Heather fashion I  had a moment with each of my favorite gluten dependent faves. There was Chicken Fried Steak and Buffalo Tenders and Macaroni and Cheese...there was Pecan Pie...and a LOVELY Chocolate Chip Cookie *that I was forced to share* and there were pita chips and fine cheeses.....I could go on and on!!!

Today will be easy and this gluten thing is nothing new for this family. We have had Olivia on and off EVERY*good*THING free diets for sometime. 

I can do this one step at a time. These are big steps toward a healthier me. One that hopefully will feel energized and less dizzy and brain fogged 24/7. Vertigo is nobodies friend.

Gluten is just the beginning of my overhaul.Over the next few weeks I will also be removing the rest of the grains out there....eggs.....and dairy.....maybe even nightshade veggies too. Those will be the last...I don't suspect they are causing any of my trouble....and I will cry without salsa and hot peppers!!!!

I look forward to getting thru AIP (autoimmune protocol) and healing up my guts!!!! *please let there be eggs in my long term future*

Send me some prayers and mojo!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fresh Starts and Magic Waffles

Happy Saturday!!!

I think I will post some stuff again. Not sure why I stopped. Pretty sure it is my all or nothing personality. Here goes nothing......

I made some yummy chocolate waffles for Scrumptious (and me) last night. They were a HIT! So in an effort to not be totally selfish and a waffle hoarder...I am sharing my source of ewwygooey chocolatey awesomeness. I found them (almost had given up) after scrubbing the entire Internet for a stinking recipe that actually matched the goodies I have in my baking arsenal. SCORE.

Try them. You will LOVE them too. Make them in a Mickey Mouse waffle iron and your people will love them more....Disney Magic.


Not the fanciest picture....but it gets the job done. These were awesome...the only thing I had to do was add more coconut milk to thin them out a bit so that I could glob them onto the iron without a ton of effort. They will change your life if you are grain free and dairy free. Seeeriously. The end. 

And they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I wasn't sure if this needed to be a facebook post or a blog post.....decided to put it here. I can keep it here. 

I am sad today. I tried not to be but I am. You see my family lost my mom five years ago today. I tried to tell myself that it is just "a day" and so on and so forth. That didn't work.  This kind of loss "does" things to a person. It changes you. It changed me. I have chatted with my dad a bit lately about this "Five YEARS" thing coming up. We both agreed that it is "weird." It isn't like the other years. WE as a family and friends have gone FIVE YEARS with out her. That is something like 1825 days of not picking up the phone to call her. 1825 days of not hearing her voice or seeing her incredible smile. 1825 days of not being annoyed by your mother over something that you know SHE is RIGHT about. 

Today I am sad. I am also SO grateful for my daughter. She has been sunshine in what could have been the darkest moments. She is delightful and full of joy and silly and fabulous. She is SO much like my mother. How, LORD, did you do that? Send her down her here with so much of momma's spirit??? Is it that...or am I my mothers daughter and now Scrumptious is too?? A spiritual heritage for sure. 

Anyhow... today I am fighting to not be a total sour puss. I don't need phone calls and such...unless you are offering a spa day. That I will answer for. What I need is some prayer. For me. For Mikey. For my INCREDIBLE Daddy. For her best friends and her sisters. There are a few of us that need more grace. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Speech Delays & Cake Pops!

Happy Monday! I haven't blogged in forever!!!! I could come up with a million reasons why, but none of them really matter at this point. I know that this is probably a good outlet for me so because of that I am going to try to keep up with it. Maybe it will help me organize my thoughts and life a bit. 

We have so much change going on. So much to be thankful for. So much to still figure out...fight through...pray through. Where does one even begin??? Let's start with the kitchen. FOOD. I have made some pretty big changes in Scrumptious' diet. We have pretty successfully eliminated anything that has anything artificial in it. No dye. No flavoring. We (I am not sure who WE is, I have a mouse in pocket I guess) have yanked out dairy and gluten. Which means dining out is a nightmare. The gluten part is not nearly as hard as the dairy/casein. What kid is gonna eat a veggie without butter or cheese? Not mine. In fact she won't touch them at all anymore. That happened way before the diet change. Picky little thing she has become. 

I guess I should mention that we have made this decision because it may help her speech/language delay and some of her sensory issues. Oh yeah, we have this going on too. This is probably why I don't blog like I want to. I spent most of my spare time from September to November researching speech delays, autism, supplements, diet, play time .... you name it. Then I crashed. I am sure I am gonna be all over the place with this post, but if I don't just get it out of my head the way I talk, I will never get it out.

So come along and ride the crazy with me. Ha! We have a diet that is new and days and some weeks that I try to reintroduce dairy and her every her social is she doing with eye contact??? Is she "losing" words? Oh yeah...the gluten and casein like to party with your opiate receptors in your brain..brain fog is not fun for learning and sitting still and paying attention and stuff. I play around with the diet..test it  and stuff see if notice enough to go through the work of removing it. I think I have settled with staying as gluten free as possible and doing the best with can with the cheese. This kid likes nachos and when we go out to eat, it is one of the only things I can get her to eat. I am thinking that overall she needs to EAT and since she is so picky..I have to PICK  my battles. I have found GREAT alternatives for home to cook with and stuff, that part is cake. It is leaving the house for hours on end that can suck. She has gotten SO picky and stubborn. That is just part of being three years old.  

She has was accepted into the PPCD pre-k program at the elementary school up my street. So now I have a three year old that goes to SCHOOL M-F and gets up at 6:30.  She is out by 10:45 so it is all good and I get some much needed mommy time. But...DANG it we don't function that early around here!! More adjustments. We also have an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist here twice a week each to work with her. All in all the changes are good and she is really responding well to the structure and loves school it seems. She has fantastic teachers and therapists and a mommy who is not so shabby when it comes research...I am certain that she will over come all of this.

Oh and YES...she has words...plenty of them. She just has to learn to USE them properly. Right now we have one at a time for the most part and a couple handfuls of them that she uses. She uses Daddy now when it comes to PLAY. Her teacher says that she will say MOMMY when she is waiting for me in the pick up line at school and hasn't seen me yet! This is really good. She has used it a couple times with me lately! Love it. Most of you know how long it took to get this family started, hearing "mommy" is a LOOOOOONG time coming. She is starting to string some words together in therapy and in play time here with Ken and I. This is all good. This child is my entire heart and soul, helping her develop is my entire mission these days. 

Right now she is next to me eating applesauce and she is REPEATEDLY saying "carrot cake..donut" this is her way of telling me that she wants a CAKE POP from Starbucks. Great. This last week or so has been a watch and see period with her cake pops are fresh in her mind. SHE LOVES THEM! I am gonna have to get something healthified going for her. QUICK!

Not sure how this post turned into a baby girl update...but...I am down with it. You guys will understand now when I post things like "SHE ATE _____or SHE SAID_____!!!" This is big stuff for us! 

Thanks for hanging in here this long with me....I told ya it was gonna be crazy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Been A While.

Blogging can be very intimidating if done with the goal of amusing the masses. Perhaps instructing the masses would be less daunting, but lets face it, I am in no mood to teach anyone anything these days. I am giving amusement a shot.

My three year old, the Sweet Scruptious one, that I love with every fiber of my being, the one that I would rather be with than most any other human breathing, well, most days at least, this post is about her.

It seems that we have a different idea of what nap time is today. My dreams of both of us snuggling up in my bed and drifting off to a sweet Saturday snooze are NOT what she had in mind. She wants to giggle and be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. She wants to crawl under the covers and under the bed and everywhere in between. I just want sleep. I want 25 minutes of battery charging. What I got was an hour of "behavior correcting" and lots of "GET IN BED,LIV!" and lots of "NIGHT NIGHT!!" I lost my cool. I lost my peace. I lost my patience. And I lost my nap. 

Tell me I am not the only mom that becomes 'CRAZY MEAN UNREASONABLE SCARY LADY!' My eyes burn and I just need a nap. To gather my sense, I put lil' miss in her room and SHUT THE DOOR. She is playing and singin' and most likely will take every stitch of clothing out of her chest of drawers..just cuz she can. I really don't care what she does. I just need a mommy breather. 

Without mommy breathers, I will most certainly end up like one of them chicks on that show SNAPPED...wondering how in the world I got there...I love my family. People that adore their families don't snap.....or do we? 

Take time for yourself today and every day. I don't want to see any of you on the Oxygen channel. 

I am off to create something cute and watch my angel play happily in her room.

P.S. Lack of coffee inspired this meltdown. Caffeine and Adrenal Fatigue don't hang out well together. I am two days clean. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catch up time--

Hey people!!!! It feels like forever since I have sat down and spent some time here!! I'm not sure that I have any real reason. I guess I am just fresh outta creative me you don't want many posts like this one will be.

Summer is hot.
Gluten free living is a chore.
Need to post recipes.
Need to plan meals.
Summer is hot.
Scrumptious is in language boot camp.
She needs to use her words...we have progress. :)

What else...over the list... I feel a ramble coming on...really..I am just glad to be over the funk I was in in May. Pink eye is over and I am feeling more than optimistic that I won't have to endure that stuff again in my lifetime. HA! (who gets that at 37? tell me!!)

Oh! Went to Dallas with baby girl last week...six plus hours in a car with an almost three year as close to miserable as I ever want to be. Next time- audio book for mommy. It was an awesome time, but the drive up was not what I bargained for!  What crosses these kiddos minds as they are thrashing in their car seats and trying to wiggle out with every fiber of their being?????  MISERY. This kid of mine will fall asleep every time we get in the car if she is tired...until we hit I-35.....I don't get it. 

Let's see....what else...I need to  post pics of a super awesome step stool that I dolled up while in Dallas...crazy cute! If I was nice..if... I would get off my rump and go shoot some pics and post them now...but I am too lazy. So I will leave you all with a little hope of cute things to come!!

Have I mentioned that Gluten Free living is a chore? It is. If it wasn't so hot, I would probably feel like getting creative in the kitchen. There are a ton of alternatives out there and they are not bad!!! But...I am hot and lazy lately....and frankly would rather read the "hot romance" novels of the summer...don't judge. ;P

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Requesting permission to be as sad as I want to be today. This is hard for me...probably because it has been "this" long and I want to be believe that on some level that it is NOT okay to be a dramatic painful mess. The truth is my heart is broken and I don't know how to not relive parts of that day four years ago. Choosing not to "go there" is starting to feel like "stuffing it" and I don't EVER want to be a "stuffer." 

Parts of me wants to curl up with my daddy and brother and cry. I wonder if they feel the same. Are they stuffing? Or are they allowing themselves to "own" their  feelings today? Whatever those are....I am not sure. You see everyone has something that they are doing today. We haven't "talked" about today and I am not going to be the one to bring it up and suggest a Grace Adler sobfest UNDER the bed. But the little girl in me wants to. The little girl in me is scared and sad and is still trying to figure out all of the disappointment in the world. The big girl in me is stronger and has a big girl faith. 

Today I am giving myself permission to be that little girl---she is still in there and for heavens sake that little girl has had to "stuff" too much in this life. She needs a cup of hot tea and and safe place to land. She will take the hand of her Savior and hide under the bed and cry and that HAS to be okay today. She never got the chance to grieve.......