Hi, this is the place where I hope to come and share the craziness from my REAL life, dirty kitchen and my craft room! I am a SAHM, and in my home I am known as "The House Honey." Not to be confused with "The House Wife."  Let's face it, not many of us can really relate to the stereotypical "House Wife" these days. I prefer the term "House Honey."

A little about a "House Honey"--

I think we all have a some "House Honey" in us. This is not todays "Stepford Wife." I am not so much a fan of PERFECTION! The House Honey doesn't  have to know how to DO IT ALL...she is secure in the gifts God gave her. The rest of the stuff...well...she is wise enough to delegate. (i.e. The Cleaning Fairy) 

A House Honey is confident in who God made her to be!!! Because of this she is free to be as cute and sassy as she chooses...sprinkling her own unique Pixie Dust on life's little and not so little fires. She is God fearing and faithful...determined and confident! She keeps her peace in this crazy world by KNOWING that if GOD is for her....who can be against her!

I firmly believe that we are all created for greatness and a purpose. It is high time we all believe this and  learn how to accept our AWESOMENESS. It is okay to BE AWESOME.

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